Virtual Support


You’re ready to get that course you’ve been dreaming about out of your head and into the hands of your clients. 

You’ve got the platform, “Zippy Courses WordPress Plugin”. 

You’ve got your subdomain and you’ve even watched all the awesome training videos in 

Zip Your Course”.

But it’s all happening too slow. 

There’s a lot to do and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the 

“to-do’s” on your list.  

There are videos, intro's, outro's, branded slide deck and worksheets that you want to share with your students and not to mention the cool looking graphics you wanted to add to the units and lessons.

You think, “if I had someone to help me with all those wiggly little tasks that take up so much time I could get this course done in no time and ACTUALLY make some money”.

You know one thing rings true for you. 

You know what you have to share is good, no it's great! And you're committed to getting it out there where you know it will make an difference.

Michelle is magical at this! I hired her to teach me how to create a 5 week online series! I had all the content - she masterfully led me through the process of how to structure and deliver it PLUS held my hand through the technical aspects. I could not have pulled it off without her.

 - Sam Rafoss, Business Strategist For Nutritionist and Holistic Prctices


Supporting Materials For Your Course. 

Together we'll come up with a set of customized branded set of slides, worksheets, and a graphic so that you can take your course to the next level and look like a PRO.

Load Your Units and Lessons. 

Get a helping hand, and have your units and lessons ready to go in no time with your videos, PDFs and graphics. You create them and I'll load them.

Prepare Your Course For Sale. 

Let me set up your product links and take your course public so that you can start sharing that AWESOME course you've worked so hard on and want to share with the world.